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Wake Up


“Wake Up” is the lead single off Logic’s forthcoming album “College Park.”

It’s funny how every single rapper that retires always comes back fresher than ever after they return from retirement. Logic, someone who inexplicably retired a few years ago, has sounded hungry in every song he has released since returning to the music scene. The only problem is this: I’m not sure folks have cared as much about the songs he has released since he has returned to the music scene. I think things will begin to trend upward for the Maryland rapper after he releases his new album College Park. The first single off the forthcoming project is “Wake Up.”

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Why do I think that College Park will turn heads? Because the album has such a powerful title (It’s a reference to where Logic grew up). Anyways, “Wake Up” is powered by one of the hardest beats I’ve heard this year. That s**t makes my non-rapping-ass want to spit a freestyle. Over it, Logic uses tongue-twisting flows to both reflect on his turbulent come-up and to give advice to individuals that might be stuck in sticky situations. What I think listeners will enjoy about the song is how vivid it sounds. Logic really does a deep dive into how he has programmed his mind to be productive. I respect it.

Give “Wake Up” by Logic a shot below.