Ross T Sees His Own "Shadow" In Love


Ross T

A pop ballad that will make you feel everything.

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Ross T is an emerging artist. With a passion for music and a strong drive, he sets out to empower others through his songs. T draws influence from rock, pop, and other genres, proving that you cannot put him in a box. His debut album, WONDERBOY, was released last November. This same album is where he shows more of himself and his story. All of T’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest single off of WONDERBOY is “Shadow” with Chelsi. The song also has an accompanying visualizer.

Ross T and Chelsi perform a bone-chilling duet that’s sure to move your heart. They both give their own perspectives on a relationship that seems to be sinking by the minute. There are things that seem to be bothering the pair individually, causing discord between the two. Still, they can’t exactly break away. Lyrics like “Won’t you stay a while/ Cause I thought you might/ Wanna talk this out /Instead of walking out” emphasize their need to make things right with each other. “Shadow” beautifully shows both sides of the destruction of love. It will easily pull at your heartstrings by making you think of the breakdown of your own past loves. So, stream Ross T’s  “Shadow” for a song that doesn’t hold back on the difficulties in relationships.

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