No, this EP is not a bunch of “Munch” remixes.




3. Bikini Bottom

My sources told me that Ice Spice made “Bikini Bottom” in 25 seconds (Yes, I understand that the song is 1:46).

“Bikini Bottom” feels spicy in every single way. In the song, Ice Spice talks about whooping her competition, preferring to attend lit parties, and breaking records over a sped-up drill beat that sounds like it bullfights in its downtime. Rap mechanics-wise, I like how Ice treats the beat like a mechanical bull that she refuses to fall off. I also like how she miraculously comes across as promiscuous, aggressive, and sweaty all at the same damn time. All in all, I think “Bikini Bottom” is solid.



2. Gangsta Boo (Ft. Lil Tjay)

Drill producers couldn’t wait to remix the “I Need A Girl” beat.

I wonder if Ice Spice and Lil Tjay came up with the title for this song after Gangsta Boo died. I just find it interesting that it sounds nothing like some s**t that the fallen Memphis rapper would have made. Anywho, the best thing about “Gangsta Boo” is the beat. It boasts a frantic rhythm and the same sappy elements from the “I Need A Girl” beat. While Ice sounds just like she sounds on every other song here, I think Lil Tjay blacks the f**k out on his verse. Not only does he drop some tough-ass lyrics, but he also hits us with aggressive deliveries that will tell you that he’s fully back from his shooting incident. Tjay might just go on a 50 Cent run, y’all.



1. Munch (Feelin U)

I mean, this is the song that blew Ice Spice up, right?

Is “Munch (Feelin U)” the greatest song of all time? Probably not. What I do think makes it a good listen is that it features an extremely catchy hook and it offers a new sound to the world (We haven’t really heard a lady drill rapper freak a song like this before). I also think it has allowed the munches of the world to have grounds to sue (Take advantage of your rights, fellow Munches).

What if they add the word ‘munch’ to the Dictionary… I want to see a kid ask an old white man at a Spelling Bee to use the word in a sentence.


1. In Ha Mood (3.5/5)

2. Princess Diana (3/5)

3. Gangsta Boo (Ft. Lil Tjay) (3.5/5)

4. Actin’ A Smoochie (2.5/5)

5. Bikini Bottom (3/5)

6. Munch (Feelin U) (3.5/5)


(D) (63%)


I do not want to call Ice Spice a one-hit-wonder. I also do not want to call her a one-trick pony. With that being said, if I’m being real with you, it just feels like Love & Hip-Hop is her ceiling (And I don’t think there is a single thing wrong with that). I love Ice’s personality, I like her brand, and I appreciate what she stands for; however, from a rapping standpoint, I just didn’t hear anything on this EP that told me she has next. Whatever the case may be, I implore hip-hop fans to have fun with her music. Rock out to her sped-up drill beats, whispery deliveries, and spicy lyrics. Just let your guard down and enjoy Ice Spice’s moment in the spotlight!

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