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On Me


If you don’t replay this track more than five times, you aren’t showing enough love to your ears.

Mark my words: Potter will be the next best thing from Broward County, Florida; a place that artists such as Rick Ross, Kodak Black, and Ace Hood call home. What I like about Potter is that he knows how to switch between a gritty rapper and a melodic rapper effortlessly. Though there are a few songs in his catalog that I rock with, I actually think that “On Me” is his best release to date.

In “On Me,” Potter talks about all of the money, all of the badass chicks, and all of the guns he has in his arsenal. The first thing that will catch your attention about the song is that it features this wavy beat that I am confident will knock out your speaker system. The second thing that will catch your attention is the ridiculously infectious melodies that he dishes out throughout. The last thing that will catch your attention is how unbothered Potter sounds. He legit comes across as cooler than the bottle of diet Sprite in your fridge that no one in your household wants to touch.

Give the fantastic “On Me” a shot below.

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