Seshun Finds A "Love Lost"

Love Lost


An electro-pop song that gives a hopeful view of breakups. 

With origins in both California and Texas, Seshun is an up-and-coming producer on everyone’s radar. By taking his west coast sound and mixing it with Southern hip-hop roots, he creates tracks that anyone can vibe to. His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Seshun’s latest release is the single “Love Lost.” In the track, he teams up with artists, Justin King, Mike and The Coupes, and Casi Renee.

“Love Lost” might just be the soundtrack of all of our lives. Revamped 80s synths create a beautiful iridescent landscape in your mind as you listen to how love is gone. Lustrous vocals, provided by Renee, leave a lasting impact as she sings of a love that’s fatally lost. There’s nothing left for the ones left behind after that loss. It’s a heartstopper as the song takes you through the crushing end of a romance. The lying, fighting, and dumb mistakes made are just a few of what brought things to an end. And, as a result, there’s just no way to fix what’s broken. Still, all artists manage to keep it cool and unbothered as they mourn the relationship. Who knew breakups could sound so appealing and invigorating? We certainly didn’t. So, stream Seshun’s “Love Lost” to hear a song that helps you find peace with your heartbreak.

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