Old Friends

Otis Fonde

Anyone who is a fan of “Sweet Lady” gets my respect!

Otis Fonde is one of those musicians that clearly was put on this earth to pick up a mic. Not only does he take command of every beat that he is handed, but as a true hip-hop fan, you have to love how he wastes zero bars when he raps. Recently, Otis dropped his fifth album, Fonde. One of the best songs from the project is “Old Friends.”

“Old Friends” is powered by this sluggish/booming beat that gives me serious The Neptunes vibes. Over it, Otis Fonde raps about starting from the bottom, making it to the top, and dealing with his fat pockets. He also raps about stiff-arming his competition worse than Derrick Henry would. What you’ll love about the song is how Otis effortlessly hits us with clever punchlines and finds a way to sound completely comfortable over the unorthodox beat. If Steph Curry shooting a three and turning around before it goes in was a track, it would be “Old Friends.”

Damn, I feel sorry for Otis’ old friends. It seems like he’s the type of dude that has enough money to cover tabs.

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