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You Only Love Me

Rita Ora

You get one of Rita’s most electrifying performances in “You Only Love Me.”

First and foremost, congratulations to Rita Ora! Recently, she married New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi. Though I am sure she loves life with her new life partner, her latest single, “You Only Love Me,” does have her calling out a former flame that only treated her right when the lights were on and the Henny was in their system.

Despite the song’s heartbreaking topic, nothing about it is somber. “You Only Love Me” is powered by this heart-pumping pop instrumental that will absolutely get listeners off their feet. Over it, Rita does a fantastic job of blessing us with a vocal performance that is not only spirited, vivacious, and infectious, but also vulnerable and touching. You’ll definitely go through the motions listening to the track (Especially if you have found yourself in a relationship with someone who’s only effective during party hours).

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