Piers James

You get enjoyable mayhem in “K.K.O.”

Piers James is a rebel with a cause. In a good chunk of the tracks that I’ve heard him in, he stands out by standing out. Whether it’s Piers’ laidback deliveries or strong opinions, as a listener, you’ll find yourself gravitating to his tunes. Recently, the UK rapper released perhaps his boldest record to date: “K.K.O.”

“K.K.O” is powered by an instrumental with a helluva tempo, some edge, and some alternative vibes. Over it, Piers James shows us two sides: A gentle side that will make you think that he likes sitting in the front row during church services, and a rebellious side that is down to disturb the peace worse than Ludacris. The two sides merge to create a track that is absolutely exhilarating.

Give “K.K.O” by Piers James a shot below.