Walked In

Otis Fonde

Otis Fonde sounds like the slickest guy on the block in “Walked In.”

Otis Fonde is a rapper that has taken chances all his life. After discovering his love for music while living in Virginia, he eventually found his footing after abruptly moving to Las Vegas. Recently, Otis released a nine-track EP called Fonde. One of the main tracks from the project is “Walked In.”

In “Walked In,” over a beat that hypnotizes just as much as it knocks, Otis Fonde raps about his hustling ways, his Gucci watches, and his lavish vacations. He also fears the same thing we all fear: karma. The biggest sales about the song are that it features very steady flows, witty punchlines, and lyrical content that is delivered in the sliest way possible. On the real, it’s astonishing how easy rapping sounds for Otis.

Otis Fonde is giving Dos Equis, The Most Interesting Man In The World, a run for his money.

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