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Chin Injeti Thinks It's "All for Nothing"

All for Nothing

Chin Injeti

An intense heartbreak track.

Canadian artist, Chin Injeti, is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and music producer. His musical beginnings date back to 1993 when he formed the group Bass is Base with Roger Mooking and Ivana Santilli. Their debut album, First Impressions for the Bottom Jigglers, earned them a Juno award for Best R&B/Soul Recording in 1994. After the group’s disbandment, Injeti went on to release his own solo work. During this time, he was also working with other artists, producing music for them. Those collaborations earned him multiple Grammy awards and nominations. All of Injeti’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Three albums later, Chin Injeti is now back with a new single, “All for Nothing.”

“All for Nothing” is a slow burn filled with intense emotional warmth. It goes at its own pace while revealing a new layer of impassioned lyrics every second. Dazzling synths pair with Injeti’s serene, yet somber voice as he questions everything. Reflecting on a sweet romance that turned sour, Injeti wonders if all the effort put in was even worth it. Left to mend a broken heart, it’s clear there’s regret in even attempting to love. An exhilarating guitar solo helps to close out the song as the feelings from Injeti lingers in your ears. There’s no way to win his partner back, but it’s clear that there’s no regret in having been with them. So, stream Chin Injeti’s “All for Nothing” to hear a song that cuts deep into your heart.

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