Fighting For Your Love


“Fighting For Your Love” arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Orlando, Florida’s SY is a talented rapper that does a great job of explaining to the world why he moves the way he does in his music. In his latest single, “Fighting For Your Love,” he keeps it real about a girl that is getting on his damn nerves.

In “Fighting For Your Love,” SY talks about dealing with a Debby Downer that doesn’t seem to understand what he wants out of a relationship. What I find impressive about the song is how dynamic it sounds. Not only does SY hit us with passionate raps that perfectly illustrate his frustrations, but he also shows off his crooner side with an infectious hook that will definitely touch your soul. Though “Fighting For Your Love” is not the most optimistic track, unfortunately, it’s very relatable.

Give “Fighting For Your Love” a shot below.

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