Varas Tells Love "Hell No"

Hell No


An alternative track that kicks ass.

Hailing from Sweden, Benjamin Muñoz Varas, is better known as just Varas in the music industry. Varas is a singer, songwriter, and producer. By channeling a sound and aesthetic well in line with Gen-Z he offers up refreshing and new takes on indie music. As a result, he’s formed many different genre mixes that test the boundaries of what music means. With inspiration coming from long decades of musical influence, Varas gives pop a sound that references and takes on other genres. His debut EP, “Set One,” was released in 2020 with his second coming in spring 2023. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Until his next EP, Varas has instead quenched our thirst with his latest single, “Hell No.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

If you’re looking for punk, rock, or dreamy, this beautiful blend both takes us back and moves us forward. It’s not a loud song, but it is in your face, and that’s hard to turn away from. The whole hit sounds like something out of the 2010s mixed with the 2030s. Like most 20-somethings, Varas isn’t seeking commitment. He’s looking for a love that’s short. It has to temporarily fills his needs. At the same time, he knows how things will end, so he stomps on any blossoming romances. With transparent lyrics, he shows the insides of what complicated flings or hookups feels like. This song finely speaks to this generation, so it can’t be skipped. So, stream Varas to learn what it feels like to say “Hell No” to love.

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