Lester Sanchez Watches All The "Sand Falling"

Sand Falling

Lester Sanchez

An R&B track that talks about going all in for love.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Lester Sanchez is an R&B singer and songwriter. His music draws inspiration from not only 80s pop and R&B but also 70s rock and funk. Sanchez began his career as a rapper, opening up for Three Six Mafia at the House of Blues. After making a transition to solely singing, the subject matter of the songs he wrote became centered on the feelings that come with love and all its iterations. Lester’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest release is the R&B single “Sand Falling.”

in “Sand Falling,” Sanchez confidently sings about someone he’s ready to make his girl. Instead of going for the back-and-forth mind games, he puts all of his heart’s desires on the table. Lyrics like “Girl, I think you’re the one and it’s crazy / Because I ain’t ever been so / Comfortable with somebody else” show just how deep his feelings are. Bold and flirty lyrics make this the perfect song to serenade or woo your potential love with. At the same time, there’s no guarantee they’ll love you back, but it’s worth a try. So, stream Lester Sanchez’s “Sand Falling” to hear a track that might help your lovesick mind feel free.

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