Do You Love Me?

Rich The Kid (Ft. Lil Tjay)

Rich The Kid and Lil Tjay are a deadly combo in this emotional drill track.

Can you believe that it has been three years since Rich The Kid dropped his last solo studio album? For someone who markets himself as a boss, shouldn’t he be able to come out whenever he wants to? My guess is that Rich is taking his time with whatever project he has coming down the pipeline. Today, the Queens native decided to return to the music scene with “Do You Love Me?” with Lil Tjay.

In “Do You Love Me,?” Rich The Kid and Lil Tjay promote themselves as wealthy individuals that want loyalty and all kinds of sexual services from their women. What I think is funny about the track is how Lil Tjay meets the emotional drill beat at the rim with very passionate melodic raps, while Rich The Kid comes across as a big kid that only wants to get laid and eat hot wings. For some reason, the combination works.

Rich The Kid’s catalog is very interesting.

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