Pi’erre Bourne

Pi’erre Bourne’s IG feed must be just as toxic as mines.

One of the biggest secrets in hip-hop is that Pi’erre Bourne is a fantastic artist. Yes, we are all familiar with his outstanding beats, but on the low, he has been dropping some very solid solo tracks these last couple of years. Today, Pi’erre decided to return to the music scene with “IG.”

You won’t be able to get “IG” out of your head after listening to it just one time. The song, which is powered by your typical Pi’erre Bourne beat, features an extremely catchy hook, a monotonous but infectious melody, and lyrics that will remind you for the 100th time that Instagram girls only love to party and f**k with celebrities. I think it’s impossible to hate IG.

Are you marrying an Instagram girl if you have the chance? I’m not.

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