EMMY Is Starting to Feel Like a “COOL GIRL”

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A pop track about gaining your confidence.

Emmy Hartman, or EMMY, is a 23-year-old artist originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Better known as a social media personality, EMMY has been broadcasting her life to millions since 2017. With her large presence on TikTok, she frequently charms her followers. How does she do it? With covers of songs by artists such as Lorde and Billie Eilish. EMMY finally made her solo music debut with the single “STUPID BIG TEETH” in 2021. This hit, and others, is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. EMMY is back with a new pop single, “COOL GIRL.”

EMMY has stepped into her “COOL GIRL” phase by making a fun pop track filled with bubbly beats and relatable lyrics. Just like all of us, EMMY has struggled with seeing herself as cool and fun; however, she’s finally been able to blossom into the girl she’s always wanted to be. Lyrics like “I always do what I please and I don’t care what you think” and “Now I’m looking in the mirror and I / I can finally see that I’m a cool girl” show the newfound confidence she’s gained. There are times when we’re too hard on ourselves. Luckily for us, though, we have this to balance out our mental impulses. So, press play below to help you find your own star quality so you can become the “COOL GIRL.”


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