Panhead Hydra Glide

Nashville Phil

A catchy tune that pays homage to classic country murder ballads.

London, UK-based musical creative, Nashville Phil, is a country singer and songwriter. This Mayes County, Oklahoma native is a natural-born storyteller with a strong love for country music. As a result, Phil’s turned both into a musical career with lots to offer. If his name didn’t imply the country style already, his music speaks for itself. Some of his previous songs include tracks like “Only Got Yourself to Blame,” “Forty-two Shoe,” and “Button Fly.” Plastic Magazine’s Alberto Mossaro notes the artist’s distinctive style “supports the traditions of the genre with a classic country vocal style sitting above delicate folk-inspired instrumentation.” Phil’s catalog is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest single, “Panhead Hydra Glide,” was released in 2022. The song also features accompanying visuals.

“Panhead Hydra Glide” offers bold drum beats and the infectious rockabilly bass we associate with “country.” The song boasts a classic message: it pays homage to country murder ballads. If these dark and simple chords sound familiar and threatening to you, then this song is doing it right. Lyrics like “I was playin’ guitar in a local bar, so I guess I did alright, but Jim had different women, most every weekend night” and “I told my best girl Betty / Stay away from / Jump In Jim / That Harley Panhead Hydra Glide, gonna be the death o’ him” depict a dark and dramatic but romantic tale. All in all, Phil gifts us a captivating country tune that’s sure to please any country music lover. So, press play below so you cab go on an unforgettable journey with a “Panhead Hydra Glide.”

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