King Keese Has "Unwritten Diaries" In HIs Head

Unwritten Diaries

King Keese

King Keese’s Unwritten Diaries is a high-key masterpiece. 

Florida-based hip-hop artist, King Keese, returns with his latest EP, Unwritten Diaries. Throughout the EP, Keese delivers raw, hard-hitting lyrics about different chapters in his life. The project channels beyond his laidback personality into his soul so we can feel the intense emotions he brings to each track. 

Unwritten Diaries has great production. Even though the main sound for the EP is contemporary hip-hop, Keese often explores beyond the subgenre. The project will attract fans with energetic club bangers, sensual bedroom R&B tracks, and rhythmic island vibes. This EP has a captivating sound with features you can take advantage of.

Unwritten Diaries crafts the journey of Keese, where he tackles his challenges head-on because we can feel him wanting a better life no matter what. The EP proves Keese’s seriousness about his music; he climbed out of the gutters and fought to succeed but knows that every moment should be cherished. People need to listen to Unwritten Diaries to understand Keese and themselves. With each track, people can see there’s power in motivational music. 

Listen to Unwritten Diaries below.

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