it’s always water


maderanged gives me JID/Kendrick Lamar vibes in “it’s always water.”

maderanged is an up-and-coming rapper from Baltimore that knows how to dominate tracks both lyrically and flows-wise. Matter of fact, my crystal ball tells me that he might end up being the next great rapper. Some of maderanged’s biggest hits are “hopscotch” and “boogeyman.” His full discography is available on Spotify. maderanged’s latest release is “it’s always water.”

In “it’s always water,” maderanged goes ham, cheese, and secret sauce. Over this therapeutic hip-hop beat, he uses fast-paced flows to talk about the ways his mind flows like H20 these days. Though the song feels like a lyrical exercise for the East African native, for those who are new to his music, it should catch your attention.

OK, maderanged, you’re officially on my radar!

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