Super Certifed

Tey Boogie

Dinner with a super certified chick > Dinner with Jay-Z.

Tey Boogie is back! We first caught wind of Tey after listening to and reviewing his very impressive project I’m Forreal This Time. Since then, he has dropped two singles: “BLACK EXCELLENCE” and “Super Certified.” In this post, I will talk about the latter.

In “Super Certified,” Tey Boogie literally and figuratively gives his woman all the flowers she deserves for being gorgeous, a down-ass chick, and a hard worker. The song boasts this bass booming, elegant R&B beat. You’re going to enjoy how Tey spits his compliments over it using a style of rapping that feels subdued, raw, and most importantly, genuine. All in all, if you are someone who has found the one, I guarantee that “Super Certified” will strike a chord with you.

Give “Super Certifed” by Tey Boogie a shot below.

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