Lil Sis Freestyle


Girl dads, keep this track close to your heart.

TEF CHOZEN FEW has superpowers. A little less than a year ago, he dropped a seven-track album called Freeze a Body. Not only is the artwork to it on some high-level Dragon Ball Z s**t, but throughout the project, TEF raps like he was fresh from getting his Super Saiyan upgrade. With that being said, in his latest single, the “Nubian Queen” rapper uses his explosive skills to create an empowering new track called “Lil Sis Freestyle.”

“Lil Sis Freestyle” is powered by this emotional hip-hop beat that might make you shed a tear or guiltily nod your head. Over it, TEF CHOZEN FEW uses a hefty rap delivery to discuss the horrors of the world our young queens tend to stumble upon; which includes predators, scammers, Chatty Pattys, and fake support systems. Just like Ludacris’ “Runaway Girl” was able to do, “Lil Sis Freestyle” will strike a chord with you; whether you have a daughter or not.

Give “Lil Sis Freestyle” by TEF CHOZEN FEW a shot below.

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