Flyana Boss Asks "Really Really"?

Really Really

Flyana Boss

Flyana Boss really, really ushers in a new wave of female hip-hop.

Welcome in, Flyana Boss! This fiery duo from Detroit and Dallas brings a refreshing, colorful, and bad bitch energy to hip-hop. To be more specific, they create music that hops between hip-hop and a buttery, hyper-pop sound. Flyana Boss’ full discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Their latest single, “Really Really,” hit streaming services earlier this year. 

“Really Really” is an infectious single that emphasizes maintaining your individuality when it comes to dating. The crazy, animated beat combined with their vivacious flow, bad bitch energy, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics will connect with the new generation of hip-hop fans. So, press play below so you can learn to “Really Really” set your own boundaries.

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