Dat Way (Remix)

Krept & Konan (Ft. Abra Cadabra, Beenie Man, Backroad Gee, French Montana, Clavish, Pa Salieu, K Trap, Bandokay, Double Lz and DoRoad)

The only posse that can compete with this lineup is BROCKHAMPTON.

Krept & Konan’s “Dat Way” single is one of the hardest of the year. Not only is the beat that powers the song harder than trying to beat Super Mario with zero mushrooms, but the raps that you get from the duo are meaner than a republican. Recently, Krept & Konan released a remix to “Dat Way” that features a bunch of unruly rappers.

In “Dat Way (Remix),” everyone kills their verses by rapping about killing people. While French Montana and Beenie Man stand out mainly because they are the only ones on the track with unique accents, don’t sleep on the explosive deliveries that you get from everyone else. All in all, by the time you are finished listening to “Dat Way (Remix),” you’re going to feel like you got hit by a double-decker London bus.

If you see this cluster of angry negroes walking in the streets, DON’T go that way.

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