Khi'leb Asks You Not To "Tempt Me"

Tempt Me


A hard-hitting rap song that motivates fans to be better. 

Khi’leb was born to rap. Since his childhood, the Australian native perfected his sound by experimenting with different melodies and lyrics. He takes pride in cultivating his sound, creating music with layered vocals and harmonies that are easy to fall in love with. In 2018, Khi’leb dropped his first single, “2020.” He followed that up with “Anthem” and “Stay Low” a year later. Since then, he has released many more hits, including “Broken Focus,” “Cheques,” and “No Time to Waste.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Recently, Khi’leb dropped his first album, Project In The Suburbs. On the deluxe version of it, you can find “Tempt Me.” 

“Tempt Me” feels like the beginning of a new chapter for Khi’leb. Its crazy production consists of vocal layers that perfectly blend with the mid-tempo, hard-hitting beat and looped piano keys. Besides the production, the song will motivate you to always look forward and never look back. Throughout the track, Khi’leb depicts the sweet feeling of overcoming tough challenges by working hard as hell. Who doesn’t want to hear a message like that?

Stream the very impressive “Tempt Me” by Khi’leb. 

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