Baby City Club

Baby City Club’s newest single will make you book the vacation of your dreams.

Baby City Club is a Puerto Rico-born, Miami, Florida-based duo consisting of brothers Augie Pink and June Summer. Active since 2018, Pink and Summer have worked hard to cultivate their own unique sound. Along with being a part of Baby City Club, they are also members of the garage-rock band Plastic Pinks. With experience in rock and trap music, you can find bits and pieces of those genre elements in their songs. “Watersport,” BCC’s latest release, has an unforgettable sound and vibe.

Baby City Club gets you to feel the impending heat with this track. They deliver a festive vibe with electronic and funk-filled beats. Though sung mainly in Spanish, like much of their other songs, “Watersport” transcends any language barrier with its infectious melodies. You’ll soon find yourself becoming bilingual and picking up on the catchy lyrics. All in all, it’s clear that this is a song you need to get off your feet to listen to. So, stream Baby City Club’s hot new single, “Watersport,” to get pumped up for the forthcoming spring and summer.


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