A lot to explain

Kaz Moon

An indie track coated in mystery.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kaz Moon is an alternative artist full of charm and introspection. Never feeling pressured to go a certain way musically, he’s churned out his own style of bedroom pop tracks. Moon’s goal is to create things that are beautiful and of quality, but not to give them away easily; his thoughtful and meticulous music production helps him with achieving that objective. His first-ever tour will be taking place in April across the U.S., supporting the South Korean band, SURL. Many of his hits are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Kaz Moon’s latest hit is “A lot to explain,” which will also be on his upcoming album, ST*R *NISE.

Kaz Moon holds a nonchalant, too-cool attitude on “A lot to explain.” Listening to the track, you hear just what it is that makes Moon a stand-out artist. He crafts a wickedly addictive sound that takes you deep into his colorful mind. Moon has a faint, but soothing voice that’s able to roll along with the murky vibes of the song. Obscure lyrics like “I don’t know what it would take / Don’t burn your tastebuds” andFresh out of new excuses / I wish somebody would just do it leave listeners wanting more from his specially made universe. Moon ends the song with the agreement that there’s a lot more to explain but it all just adds to his expanding artistry. The song itself is a mystery for us to figure out. So, stream Kaz Moon’s “A lot to explain” to hear a moody track that’s full of wonder.

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