A pop tune that is all about taking control.

New Zealand musical creative, Sophie-Maude, is a multi-talented singer and songwriter full of experiences with the need to relay them. In creating new songs, the artist takes inspiration from her personal stories. Maude lives with autism, ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s Syndrome. In sharing her stories through her music, Sophie-Maude can “connect with audiences across the spectrum.” The 19-year-old artist debuted in the New Zealand music scene in 2020 with her freshman single, “Insane.” Since her first release, the singer has dropped six additional singles and worked with notable New Zealand artists. She has performed for sold-out shows at The Jam Factory, Tauranga Musical Theatre,  and numerous charity events. Her impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Sophie-Maude’s latest release is the pop single “Goosebumps.”

While we may get goosebumps with these hypnotic beats, the message of being in charge is the most important thing to remember. This hit is all about the control that we have over not just ourselves in a romance, but over the other person as well. If someone tries to break that wall, we are not afraid to retaliate with a reminder of who we are. Lyrics like “Give me your energy / Show me that you want it more than anything” and “If you want me / That’s cool / But I’ll come to play / Only when I want to” hear the artist command control over a prospective romance. There’s no room for anyone to try and take over because Maude knows she is the one who holds all the power. In the end, we will have to let her do her piece and make it better for herself. So, press play below and let yourself take charge of all these “Goosebumps.”

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