A pop single that explores losing a lover.

Canadian musical creative, laye, is a singer and songwriter who likes to keep people on their feet. Her “sultry, alt-flavored pop” combine with “intriguing aesthetics” in order to make music that is truly unique. laye’s work offers “brutally honest statements” while exploring themes like “love and lust in the digital age.” In a twisted way, there are so many layers that you’ll always find something new with each listen. Some of laye’s previous tunes include tracks like “no love lost,” “sicker,” and “goldfinger.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. laye’s latest drop is the pop single “blue.” The song also has an accompanying visualizer.

With an uplifting backdrop of lush, electro-pop beats, “blue” is all about the pain that comes with a post-breakup life. Of course, this means that every single thought focuses on the now-ex. However, it was for the best because the partner has clearly had enough of the artist’s toxic behavior. Lyrics like “You were understanding / You gave me second chances but / But I needed thirds and fourths / Don’t know what I do that for” and “I know I’m cynical / But now I’m miserable too” reminisce on losing that partner to your own toxic behavior. This song is a bit of a switch from the normal pop hit. Instead of blaming the other person, the song takes responsibility and forces us to do the same. So, press play below to remember how it feels to be “blue” after a breakup.

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