This Won’t Go Over Well

The Haunt

A captivating rock tune that offers up an ear-pleasing and angsty tale of heartbreak.

Music group, The Haunt, is a band that creates alternative rock-pop tunes that you’ll want to listen to on repeat. With a unique style that truly stands out from the crowd, the group “conjures a wild, youthful and stylish indifference that reflects an era when rock n’ roll was ‘by and for’ the beautiful outcasts.” The Haunt is led by siblings Anastasia and Maxamillion Haunt. Together, the band offers up a distinctive “Alt-Rock-Pop sound” that “elicits a feeling of both classic and contemporary rock/pop icons who have influenced their music.” The Haunt’s latest drop is the rock single “This Won’t Go Over Well” and its accompanying official music video.

With an electrifying blend of charged-up beats, “This Won’t Go Over Well” provides the perfect energetic soundscape of infectious instrumentals to complement the track’s emotional tale of heartbreak. Lyrics like “Don’t come back, leave me alone / It’s not my fault that you’re here on your own” and “You’ve played all of your cards and mine / You made me lie to everyone and say I’m fine” offers up an angsty exploration. With its ultra-catchy backdrop and plenty of powerful declarations, The Haunt gifts us with a relatable tale of loss and anger that’s perfect for any alt-rock lover. So press play and hear why “This Won’t Go Over Well.”

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