Billy Got Waves Is In "HEAVEN"


Billy Got Waves

An R&B track that feels like an eternal paradise.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Billy Got Waves is a musician… of sorts. What we mean by that is, he’s a bit of a new soul in an old industry. By innovating sounds in his own way, Billy’s music encompasses the merging of genres with catchy hooks and witty lyricism. With this futuristic production, he’s created his own world and shares it with all of his listeners. Billy’s contributions to the flourishing rap scene in Scotland, along with his debut album Kill Billy, earned him an IMA Award in 2019 for Best Scottish Album. Since then, he’s been refining his sound and working on music that dives deep into his mind. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Billy Got Waves’ latest drop is the R&B single “Heaven.”

“Heaven” has a dazzling and serene sound. Its trippy, yet dream-like production gives you a sense of what true paradise feels like. Billy Got Waves begins the track with gruff and soulful humming that teleports you straight into his fantasy. He wastes no time stating he’s in love with the way the object of his affection moves. He couples it with a few more charming lines that leave you on your own cloud 9. Lyrics like “I never seen one like you lighting up the room like a blind in my view” describe the attraction and pull that this new flame has on him. With feelings so strong, it almost feels like worship. For Billy, though, it’s worth it when he’s experiencing true happiness like this. So, press play below to learn what “Heaven” looks and sounds like in a person.

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