Coline Creuzot Is Not "Nothing"


Coline Creuzo

We need more R&B songs about women choosing peace instead of heartbreak.

Let’s be real, I love that women, whether they’re seasoned or not, are carrying R&B. And Houston-based singer-songwriter, Coline Creuzot, is one of the latest names in the genre. In regards to what is most important, Creuzot makes an effort to ensure we all understand our own minds. At the same time, she works to make it clear that women are capable of more and deserve better. In the end, everything revolves around what’s better for everyone in the end. Her impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Coline Creuzot’s latest single, “Nothing,” screams the thoughts every woman has during a toxic relationship. 

In “Nothing,” Creuzot knows she’s overstayed her welcome in this dying relationship. She reflects on said relationship, realizing she put everything into it while her ex neglected her. It’s a classic case of one-sided adoration. Though the song uses influences of contemporary R&B to create a mid-tempo classic, the lyrics are all too painful and familiar. This song stands apart from most R&B songs today, simply because the woman gets her revenge in the best way by moving on, even when they come crawling back.  So, if you’re going through a heartbreak, don’t cry or beg to get back together; instead, listen to Coline Creuzot’s “Nothing” to remember what your ex is worth to you.

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