Kissing On Your Tattoos

Yung Bleu

Valentine’s Day is only 310 days away!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Yung Bleu is the most consistent R&B singer in the game right now. While he doesn’t have the greatest voice I’ve ever heard, I think he gets the job done when it comes to making vulnerable, touching, and introspective R&B tunes. Today, Bleu returned to the music scene with a romantic new single called “Kissing On Your Tattoos.”



“Kissing On Your Tattoos” is some s**t that needs to be played in the telly. In the song, Yung Bleu talks about getting his wifey to shake her ass, drool, and wish that she had more tattoos on her body. What music fans will appreciate is how smooth the track is. Bleu does a good job of hitting us with an infectious vocal performance that pairs nicely with the sensual beat. I can definitely see a bunch of babies being made to this joint right here.

What if she has a tattoo on the bottom of her feet, are you kissing that?

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