Parris LaVon

Parris LaVon is an open book in this track.

Parris LaVon raps hard as hell. While digging through his Spotify account, I heard a bunch of tracks that boast passionate rap performances and deep lyrics. It’s clear Parris relies on music to be his therapy. Some of Parris’ most popular releases are “Ella Mai,” “Summer,” “SCARY SCENE,” and “BLOOO.” Below, we talk about the latter.

I just like how dramatic, passionate, and personal “BLOOO” sounds and feels. In the song, which boasts this emotional trap beat, Parris talks about untrustworthy women, his loads of bills, and his family members that he’s lost. Every single word that comes out of his mouth feels authentic as hell; especially because it’s paired with stirring melodies and passionate rap deliveries. On some real s**t, if you call yourself a man, you need to give this track a shot.

Give “BLOOO” by Parris LaVon a shot below.

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