WIW (What I Wanted)

The Yamasexuals

The vibes are impeccable and the words are important in “WIW (What I Wanted).”

The Yamasexuals don’t just have the greatest name in music history, they also do a great job of making songs that blend genres and boast great vibes. So, who exactly are The Yamasexuals, you ask? They are a Texas-based band that consists of lead vocalist Yama Six (Who is from Chicago) and a rotating cast of members. In 2022, they dropped what I think is their best single: “WIW (What I Wanted).”

“WIW (What I Wanted)” is short but sweet. The first thing that will catch your attention about the song is the smooth/soothing production. I am confident that it will set the perfect chill mood for you. As for Yama Six, I love how he practically goes through the motions throughout, blessing us with infectious melodies and a soul-clinching vocal performance. He also gifts us with meaningful lyrics that center around the importance of being vocal about the injustices of the world. All in all, I think this is a really productive track.

Give “WIW (What I Wanted)” a shot below.

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