Dame 910 Is In The "Fastlane"


Dame 910

A hip-hop track filled with positive messages and great energy.

Up-and-coming artist, Dame 910, represents Fayetteville. Dame uses each song he creates to talk about the struggle and challenges he faced throughout his life in the streets. He dropped his first single, “Way 2 Lost,” and his first album, Space Trap Race, last year. He followed things up with the sequel album, Space Trap Race 2. His entire discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Dame 910’s latest single from his second album is the infectious “Fastlane.”

“Fastlane” is all about hustling for the future you want, even when the haters try you. The lyrics inspire listeners to stay in the fast line as Dame 910 raps about how he’s striving for success, even when life knocks him down. Its addictive, rhythmic beat will hype fans up at any party or during hard times. So, press play below to learn how to live your best life in the “Fastlane.”

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