Red Lotus Is Mid-"Conversation"


Red Lotus

A song that will put you in the mood to talk.

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Red Lotus is a writer and musician. From an early age, he watched his mother’s old friends make songs that included artists like Rick Ross, Baby Bash, and E40. Hearing those artists inspired him to make music. Lotus began writing, recording, and engineering at the age of 12.  Taking an unconventional approach, he decided to make music in every genre. This led him to be one half of the duo, Good People. Good People explored and combined different genres of music before splitting in 2021. Now focusing on his solo career, Lotus sets out to build his own catalog of music and shine a light on the various artists in the Bay Area. His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Red Lotus’s latest release is the single “Conversation.”

With the right tune, Red Lotus brings you into a full “Conversation.” By taking a slow-paced approach, he sets the mood with chill beats and a harmonious flow. He’s eager to start a chat, and it shows in his saucy, yet poetic lyrics. Lyrics like “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could call you mine” and “Your time is kind of sacred / I kind of want to waste it” are some of the hints that we might be in for more than just a talk. However, this artist is here to make you appreciate deep convos and realize how much we’re in lack of them. Hopefully, this is a track that can inspire others to go out of their way to talk to the person they’re feeling. So, press play below to hear a song that stimulates your own “Conversation.”

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