Try Me

Jorja Smith

Where has my wife been all of these months?

Rihanna walked so Jorja Smith can run. All jokes aside, I think the two singers have very similar voices, but the latter usually likes to tackle some pretty powerful topics in her music. Today, Jorja returned to the music scene with “Try Me,” an intricate track that features a deep exploration.



“Try Me” is about answering only to yourself; not your critics, your haters, or Chipotle workers. The first thing that will catch your attention about the track is the production. It sounds like it blends elements from a few different cultures. As for Jorja, as expected, she hits us with a stirring and emphatic vocal performance that you will definitely feel in your soul. All in all, “Try Me” is yet another one of Jorja’s next-level singles.

Give “Try Me” by Jorja Smith a shot below.

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