Great Weather

Keep Records

The weather is hot as hell.

Keep Records is making hip-hop great again. Since 2012, the record label has made it a mission to put talented indie artists on. In the past, Keep Records artists have opened up for acts such as Twista, Paul Wall, Elzhi, and more. You can find their full discography on Spotify. Keep Records’ latest single is “Great Weather.”



“Great Weather” is powered by this hard-hitting beat that gives me serious old-school vibes. Over it, you get some pretty flawless raps out of Trade Voorhees, Syntax Vernac, Wave Mmlz, and Chiefdvb. Seriously, they bless us with steady flows, killer punchlines, and timeless deliveries that true fans of hip-hop will appreciate. Even more importantly, you have to love the confidence everyone displays. You can tell that everyone in the song believes they belong, achieving what this record label’s main purpose is.

Give “Great Weather” by Keep Records a shot below.

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