stages of grief


A pop tune that explores the pain that comes with heartbreak.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Makena, is an independent pop artist who does not allow sadness to hold her back. The singer “expresses her life experiences through an ever-evolving musical channel of honest lyrics, infectious hooks, and a fusion of various genres.” Makena first began performing for others when she was just four years old and began writing her own tunes not long after. The singer’s love for various genres has led her to experiment with different styles. As a result, she has become popular for the genuine and relatable pain she tosses into each piece. Some of Makena’s influences include artists like Taylor Swift, Fletcher, and Olivia O’Brien. Many of her songs are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and her own website. Makena’s latest drop is the soft pop single, “stages of grief.”

The melodic guitar in “stages of grief” makes this almost sound like a sad country hit, but the pop influence lies in the tempo and the little notes. The hit is a reflection upon a breakup that left the artist feeling empty. At the same time, she’s going through the normal emotions of self-doubt and blame. Lyrics like “Yeah, I hate, then I love, then I want you back/ And I’m blaming myself cause you moved on fast” and “Bet it feels better off to be dead / I can’t stop replaying us in my head” reflect the various stages of grief that happen after heartbreak. There are also indications that she might not ever really get over it; Makena might just be trapped in this for a long, long time. So, press play below to experience Makena’s various “stages of grief.”

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