No More


Devmaccc drops nothing but introspective bars in “No More.”

Devmaccc is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Mississippi. While he likes to flaunt his country ways in his verses, he does have a sound that you might not expect out of a Southern artist. Some of Dev’s biggest influences are Lil Flip, T.I., and David Banner. Some of his biggest releases are “No More,” “Kickin It,” and “Hidden Message.” Dev’s most recent release is “No More.”

In “No More,” Devmaccc gets extremely personal about his fake friends, his family issues, and his hunger for success. What I think hip-hop fans will love about the song is how Dev’s intricate bars pair perfectly with the therapeutic/booming hip-hop beat. All in all, this is a well-done conscience rap record.

Give “No More” by Devmaccc a shot below.

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