Kid Travis Is Stuck In The "Same Location"

Same Location

Kid Travis

A pop gem dedicated to one-sided breakups.

Philly-based R&B sensation, Kid Travis, is more than a singer. As an artist, he writes and produces the bangers that make him such a big name. Travis’ fusion of soul and pop creates nothing but addictive melodies that listeners can’t get enough of. He’s a smash hit in the music industry, and his excellent abilities extend far beyond simple lyricism. Some of Travis’ latest singles “Pretty Eyes,” “Company,” and “My Favorite Song.” These songs, along with the rest of his incredible discography, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Kid Travis’s latest release is the pop hit “Same Location.”

“Same Location” makes heartbreak somehow feel extra relaxing. Travis bears his soul on this track, which is about an ex who drew him in with her charm but quickly became the worst by doing the worst of the worst. His songwriting captures how impactful heartbreak can be. It also shows how you can get to a point where being in your feelings can turn obsessive. Travis freshens up his usual rhythmic, pop sound with some acoustic guitar strums that keep the mellow vibe a little funky. So, stream Kid Travis’s new single to learn what it’s like being stuck in the “Same Location” in love.

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