This song is straight out of Aaliyah and Timbaland’s playbook.

DaniLeigh’s talent is so hard to deny. In my opinion, she has a great voice, is a pretty good dancer, and is someone that just has the look of a superstar. This past Friday, the Miami native returned to the music scene with “Tasty,” arguably her most unique release to date.



“Tasty” is powered by this Timbaland-Esque beat (Beatboxing and all) that might make you shed a tear cause it will remind you of prime Aaliyah’s music. Thankfully, DaniLeigh makes the fallen singer proud by hitting us with slick and gorgeous vocals that pair perfectly with her seductive lyrics. Though the song has its fair share of sexualized lyrics, it still has a commercial sound that folks of all ages can appreciate.

Give “Tasty” by DaniLeigh a shot below.

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