Your Ends To Mine

Cosm (Ft. C.O.N-Vers)

The old-school hip-hop feels I needed in my life.

The further we get from what I think is hip-hop’s golden era (90s hip-hop), the lesser and lesser I am spotting rap artists that are killing it on the mic. With that being said, if you are a fan of this kind of hip-hop music, I highly recommend that you listen to artists like Cosm and C.O.N-Vers. Throughout the years, the two MCs (Notice how I called them MCs) have rocked mics, showcasing a competitive side of the genre that I think is missing today. Recently, Cosm and C.O.N-Vers linked up for a new collaboration single called “Your Ends To Mine.”

First and foremost, I have to get this out of the way immediately: This song’s hard-hitting, nostalgic hip-hop beat is absolutely outstanding. That s**t gave me a headache because it made me nod my head violently. What both Cosm and C.O.N-Vers were able to achieve over the beat is amazing. Not only do they hit us with God-level flows, but their wordplay is next-level great, the hook they bless us with is catchy, and their aggressive tones will let you know that they aren’t playing more than Kawhi Leonard. The icing on the cake is Cosm and C.O.N-Vers’s literally explosive lyrics. All in all, I rock with this vintage banger a lot!

Give “Your Ends To Mine” a shot below.

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