Bye Bye


A hip-hop fusion with a soul-stirring soundscape.

UK-based musical creative, Slum1, is a producer and rapper who enjoys portraying the uncensored parts of life. This artist’s unique style provides listeners with “soulful, introspective raps over melancholic beats featuring auto-tuned vocals.” In his music, Slum1’s “raw and unfiltered” tunes offer relatable lyrics that examine real experiences. The rapper’s main focus is to “connect people by normalizing discussion around trauma.” Some of his previous releases include tracks like “While the City Sleeps,” “Lying,” and “Stay Low.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Slum1’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Bye Bye.”

With a fusion of stylish beats and soft piano notes, “Bye Bye” doesn’t seem like a breakup tale, but in truth, that’s all it is. Lyrics like “It’s time to say bye bye, forgave you one too many times and I don’t know why” and “I said it’s time to break ties, you’re living in a fantasy, keep telling those lies” reflect on choosing yourself and moving on from a bad relationship. At the same time, it discusses self-love and knowing your own worth. This hit dives deep into the pain of loving and letting go of an unhealthy partner. There’s a sense of longing, of course, but Slum doesn’t want to linger on it for too long. After all, there’s much more to life than simply being caught up in someone else’s drama. So, press play on Slum1’s new single so you can say “Bye Bye” to the wrong kind of love.

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