Finesse Image

Has anyone checked on Finesse Image since 4/20?

Emmanuel Williams-Balogun, aka Finesse Image, is an indie rapper, vocalist, singer, songwriter, and producer from South London, UK. What stands out the most to me about him is his passion for his craft. Since Finesse started making music at the tender age of 13, he has established an indie record label called YounGenius Records and has released a myriad of fire-ass singles. Some of his most popular releases are “All I Wanna” and “Liez.” His latest single is the unruly “HIGH.”

In “HIGH,” Finesse Image talks about “living like a rockstar” and partying like someone that knows he has only one life to live. What I absolutely love about the song, which boasts this high-octane/mind-numbing trap beat, is that you get nothing but carefree deliveries out of our rebellious hero. Not only does Finesse hit us with Desiigner-like adlibs, but he also gifts us infectious melodic raps. Overall, I think “HIGH” will get you hyped up to do just about anything.

Give “HIGH” a shot below.

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