Table For Two

Moose & Charmaine

An R&B single that talks about a dazzling tale of romance.

Fresno, California-based musical creative, Moose, is a multi-talented independent artist who is new to the scene. Since he first began pursuing a solo career back in 2020, the singer has been hard at work perfecting his sound. Additionally, when it comes to his music, Moose is heavily involved in various creative aspects; these include managing his music and co-directing music videos. Some of his previous creations include tracks like “A Dozen Roses,” “Moon Buggy,” and “Wasting Time.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and YouTube. Recently, Moose collaborated with musical artist Charmaine for the R&B single “Table For Two.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

This “Table For Two” is set up under the moonlight, in a little alleyway with shops all around. It’s the ideal space for confessions, dates, and nights full of passion. Lyrics like “The sun / The moon / All in rotation / While I’m here / with you” and “I will save you a place / In this table for two / So let’s rendezvous / My feelings for you” offer a menu full of devotion. Between old-school styles and modern influences, this soul-stirring gem helps us feel warm and cozy inside. At the same time, it makes sure we understand romance at its core. Moose and Charmaine seem to have a chemistry that none can deny. So, press play below to immerse yourself in a sweet serenade around a “Table For Two.”

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