Thug It Out

Butch Vega

Old-school hip-hop vibes reign supreme once again.

Butch Vega is an Atlanta-based, Bogota, Columbia-born hip-hop artist that likes to make rap music with a splash of Latin. Some of Butch’s biggest releases are “Mondays,” “HEADNODZ,” and “SHADES (LOCA LUNA).” One of his latest releases is the smooth “Thug It Out.”

Do you know what’s funny? Even though Butch Vegas is based in Atlanta, in “Thug It Out,” he actually reminds me of Nipsey Hussle, who is from Los Angeles. In the song, which boasts production that has both soothing vibes and a nice little knock, Butch uses a raw rap delivery to remind people of the importance of “thugging it out” when it comes to dealing with relationship, job, and friendship issues. The theme is superb, the hook is catchy, and the raps just feel pure and hood motivational.

Give “Thug It Out” by Butch Vega a shot below.

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