RXDE Is Living Out Everyone's "ROCKSTAR DREAMS"



An alternative trap song about chasing your dreams.

RXDE is an underground singer and songwriter looking to hit the mainstream. He’s built himself as a homegrown artist that makes music in his room. Simply put, he’s the one who never expected to blow up the way he did, but always hoped it would happen. RXDE debuted back in February with the fiery melodic single “Regrets.” He followed that up with his second hit, “Break You Free.” For listeners, this may be your next big name if you’re looking for music with passionate vocals and hard-hitting lyrics. RXDE’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. After a small wait, he is now back with his next knockout single titled “ROCKSTAR DREAMS.”

RXDE dreams of a life where he finally makes it and can live out his “ROCKSTAR DREAMS.” As a newer artist, he’s hungry for that fame and glory and longs for the day that his name is known all around. Backed by a trap beat, he shows us just how much of a rockstar he actually is capable of being. RXDE glides on the beat and showcases versatile vocals that can be dreamy, yet piercing. Just like this artist, you can envision yourself living out your own dreams. While you’re slaving away at your 9-5, this is the song that keeps you grounded and focused on the grind. At the same time, it gives you the chance to feel like you can go further. With RXDE’s work ethic, at least, it won’t be long till he lives out his dreams. So, press play on RXDE’s new single to experience living out your “ROCKSTAR DREAMS.” 

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