Myxed Will "Survive"



A track about a beautiful love cultivated between two people.

Based in Florida, Myxed is a talented artist with 20 years in the music industry under his belt. What you’ll love about him is how versatile he is. In the past, Myxed has dabbled in country, pop, and everything in between. By staying in charge of all his recordings and mixings, he proves he’ll take no backseats when it comes to his music. Myxed’s latest single, “Survive,” is here to show us what strong love looks like.

Myxed has found his best friend and his ride-or-die. In “Survive,” relying on a fresh and melodic flow, he takes the time to reflect on how special the relationship he has is. When he’s been broken and torn, Myxed knows his lover will fix him right up. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can find relatability in a sentimental song like this. So, press play on Myxed’s new single to learn what it’s like to have a soulmate that will help you not only “Survive” but thrive.

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