2 The Face

Nem6, 98Priest & FH Javi

“2 The Face” is a complete vibe.

Now that it’s the summer, I need nothing but music with good vibes around me. With that being said, Nem6, 98Priest, and FH Javi’s new single, “2 The Face,” is one of those smooth bangers that I can definitely see turning chill-ass pool parties up.

“2 The Face” is powered by this booming trap beat that actually has these soothing elements that will calm your nerves. Over it, Nem6, 98Priest, and FH Javi shine by using highly infectious melodic raps to speak on their resiliency, impressive work ethic, and heartbreak ways. What I find interesting about the song is that everyone in it sounds unbothered and sly as hell. All in all, “2 The Face” needs a spot on your laidback playlist.

Give “2 The Face” a shot below.

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